Do you want to know how to share keyboard and mouse between two computers? Then you are at the right place because from this article you will know how to share keyboard and mouse for multiple computers. To share mouse and keyboard across computers, you can use a genuine application developed by Microsoft. This technique will also be known as “Mouse Without Borders Setup” or “Microsoft Garage Mouse without Borders”.

How to Share Mouse and Keyboard Across PC

To share mouse & keyboard Across PC, first, you have to download “MouseWithoutBordersSetup”.  (Once you click on the link, click on the download button). You will need a download and install “Mouse Without Borders Setup” on every single PC you want to connect. However, you need at least 2 PC and you can use up to 4 PC with this tool. And you will need a fast and quality internet connection to smooth share mouse and keyboard across computers. With this technique, you can share keyboard and mouse Across PC, and also you can share files (less than 100MB) across the PC.

How to Link PC by using Mouse Without Borders Setup

Once you finish installing the “MouseWithoutBordersSetup” application you have to open the launcher. After that, you will be getting started with some guilds and on your main computer, you need a click on the “No” option. Once you click on “No”, it will generate the new securing key and computer name for your PC. Then open  “MouseWithoutBordersSetup” on your second PC and click on the “Yes” option. Then you can enter the security codes and computer name as it in your main computer. Once you complete the process, it will start the connect your two PC. Once the connection process is done, you will see your main interface. With this interface, you can select or alter your PC order.

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