macOS Big Sur

macOS Big Sur is the latest macOS version for Macintosh devices. If you have one of the macOS Big Sur supportable devices, you will be able to install this. It will be a fairly large install because of the 12.6GB macOS Big Sur dmg and depending on your device. And to download macOS Big Sur dmg, visit

macOS Big Sur Supportable Devices

  • MacBook Pro (Late 2013 or later)
  • Mac Pro (2013 or later)
  • MacBook Air (2013 or later)
  • Mac mini (2014 or later)
  • iMac (2014 or later)
  • MacBook (2015 or later)
  • iMac Pro (2017 or later)

macOS Big Sur: What’s New? 

macOS Big Sur

Key Features and Enhancement of 

Sounds –  One of the new changes with macOS Big Sur is there are all new sounds throughout. So, when you go into system preferences, under the sound you will see sound effects. And you will see different sound effects based on what sort of alert you might get whether that be a notification or something else.

Spotlight – With macOS Big Sur, Apple has updated the spotlight search and it comes as a little magnifying glass in the upper right. They have even improved the Spotlight performance. So when you search for something, it will break it into different sections as you go through and apps as well. And Spotlight integrated into the mac where it finds menus in safari pages, keynote, finder, and everything else.

Faster Update – So, if you have a software update, it will be much faster than if you had one before once the macOS Big Sur installs. Because it’s only installing core components.

New dock – With macOS Big Sur, all of the icons and dock have changed. So, in the dock, you will see the launch pad, the finder icon, Safari, and everything that has a refresh. The dock also sorts of floats and it’s no longer attached to the bottom. And you could resize it

Finder – When you go into the finder, you will see there’s a new search bar at the top. They’ve sort of streamlined the overall look of the finder. They haven’t changed a whole lot, but mostly just updated the icons within the finder.

New sidebar – With macOS Big Sur, all of the different applications now have sidebars through the OS.

More Features

Battery – With macOS Big Sur, you will have a new battery management section under the settings. So, if you go to your setting or system preferences, you will have a new battery section. It will show you battery usage, battery health, and help you to optimize battery as well. And this will better help extend the overall life and health of your battery time and then tell you its usage.

Safari – With macOS big Sur, Safari is broken down into favorites, frequently visited, privacy report, reading list, and from iPad Air. And it’s carrying over everything with handoff, from the iPad and also you can customize it.  Even you can turn off anything that’s shown in safari and they simply disappear. And you can get a privacy report on the website that you are at. With new privacy report features, you can know exactly what’s going on and it’s showing you what was prevented. So, this will help you to better understand how secure your devices are. And within Safari, there’s better management of tabs. 

Once you hover over the tab, you will get a preview. Apple also updated Safari and now it’s 50% faster and it now monitors passwords as well. If you are using Apple’s keychain to manage your password, it will let you know if those passwords have been compromised on the website. And with the Big Sur update, safari is more power-efficient if you are using it on a MacBook and need to save power. And Apple also added a new feature called translation and this will help you to translate websites to English or your preferred language. So, the translate icon will be available on the upper right of the address bar.

More and more

Maps – Within maps, there are new features and it’s been updated to have more comprehensive information similar to the iOS again. And it will give you different guides for different areas. Also now you can get biking directions, look around options with good quality, indoor map, EV directions, and more.

New control center – Apple has finally added a control center to the mac. So, you can access the control center from the desktop and it will be located in the upper right. And it’s very similar to what we have on an iPhone. From the control center you will have Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, AirDrop, do not disturb, screen mirror, display brightness, sound, and more. 

Notification – With macOS Big Sur, the notification center will also redesign. And it’s also very similar to what we have on an iPhone. Also, as the notification comes in, they will now be grouped.

FaceTimes – With the macOS Big Sur update, Facetime gets an update for those that need to speak with sign language. When you use sign language, it will recognize that and bring you to the forefront.

Messages – When you go to the messages, you will see that it will be more consistent across iOS 14, iPad 14, and macOS Big Sur. And you will find 4 different options like photos, Memoji stickers, images, or massage effects. And in the group chat, now you can communicate directly with someone else and the other person in the conversation does not see the reply.

Reminder – With new updates, you will see a redesigned reminder app on iOS and iPad iOS. And it includes smart suggestions, personalized lists, and reminder suggestions in the mail. And you can also assign reminders to people as well.

Other Features

Photos app – There are some additional updates with the edit. Retouch has been redone and it’s been updated to be faster. And you can also find more options within photo editing.

Wallpaper – You can change the wallpaper to dynamic and it will change throughout the day. It will be based on the time of the day.

New extension – With macOS Big Sur, new extensions are available in the app store.

Voice memo – With new updates, you can create folders in a voice memo and voice recording will automatically sort. And if we make a recording, we can modify that recording to have it corrected.

Automatic Airpods switching – When you use Airpods, it will connect to the device and it will show in the upper right as an icon. So, you can change your volume and transparency, your noise cancellation, or any setting you might have for your connected device. And it will work pretty seamlessly.

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